Spin Zone Bumper Cars for Sale

Splendid spin zone bumper cars for sale in Beston group. Spin zone bumper cars are also known as spinning bumper cars. Spin zone bumper car is a new kind of popular bumper car that can be enjoyed by whole family. While bump each other on the playground, your bumper cars can spin around to add more fun. Spin zone bumper cars are often powered by batteries without special floors, etc. Since people are often attracted to novel designs of bumper cars with more fun, spin zone bumper cars are new attractions for your amusement rides businesses that you cannot miss. To find reliable spin zone bumper cars, you should contact Beston group in China.

spin zone bumper cars for sale
SBC-1 Spin Zone Bumper Car

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spin zone bumper cars for sale
SBC-2 Bumper Car Prices

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bumper cars manufacturer and supplier Beston
SBC-3 Spinning Dashing Car

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Spin Zone Bumper Cars Manufacturer

Beston group is a professional manufacturer and supplier of bumper car rides in China. With great expertise, advanced technologies and diligent work of all staff, Beston designs and produces a large variety of dodgem bumper cars in different sizes, themes, materials, and so on. In fact, to meet customers’ needs, all bumper cars made in Beston group can be customized in various aspects, such as themes, designs and so on. Due to the high quality and reasonable prices, Beston bumper cars have been exported to many customers in many different countries and regions. And as a result our bumper cars have won highly appraise of our customers and we have established long term business relationships with some of them.

spinning bumper cars for sale
SBC-4 Spin Dodgem Car

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spin zone bumper cars for sale
SBC-5 Spin Zone Bumper Car

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bumper cars for sale
SBC-6 Bumper Car Cheap

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Special Features of Spin Zones Bumper Cars

The most outstanding feature of spin zone bumper car is that it can spin around for few seconds before you can move around it. In fact, whenever your bumper car is hit by another one on some points, the spinning motion can be activated. Except for this special feature, spin zone bumper cars also have other features that can differ from other bumper cars. Firstly, usually spin zone bumper cars have inner tube designs, making them great fun and safe for family members. While the tube is inflated to cushion down forces, the seat is often fiberglass made. Secondly, these spinning bumper cars are powered by batteries, so that these spin zone bumper cars can move around and spin around freely.

How Spin Zone Bumper Cars Work

Spin zone bumper cars work like other normal bumper cars. The special point is that spin zone bumper cars can spin around for few seconds. How does this happen? Actually, there are two special points on the tube bumper of these bumper cars. Once another bumper car hit your bumper car on either of these two points, your bumper cars will spin around, and until the spinning is finished can you move around the bump others. So to some extent, it can mean a sense of punishment for being bumped by others. Of course, this spinning motion add more fun for you and your friends as well.


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