New Bumper Cars for Sale

New bumper cars for sale in Beston group. Bumper cars have proven to be popular amusement rides all around the world for a long time. In light of this high popularity, you can never go wrong with new bumper cars in your amusement ride businesses. With the change of trends, people also prefer new bumper cars with novel designs and themes. So you should catch up with the changing needs of your customers and add new bumper cars to your existing businesses or to start your own bumper car businesses. Except for meeting the changing needs, new bumper cars can ensure your long term revenues for they can last long term while attract great many people to your venues. To find quality new bumper cars, you can always come to Beston group, for we design and make new bumper cars in line with the trends of bumper cars.

new bumper cars for sale
NBC-1 New Bumper Car

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new bumper cars for sale
NBC-3 New Dodgem Car

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New Dodgem Bumper Cars Supplier Beston

Beston group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of bumper cars in China. And we constantly make new bumper cars according to the needs of customers as well as the new trends of amusement industry. Beston has been in amusement industry for many years and has exported many kinds of theme park rides to customers all over the world. So, with rich knowledge as well as experience, Beston can provide you many kinds of new bumper cars with novel designs and high quality. Of course, all new bumper cars in Beston can be customized in colors, themes, sizes and so on to meet your specific needs so that they can fit in your parks.

buy bumper car cheap from Beston
NBC-4 New Dashing Car

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fairground bumper cars for sale
NBC-5 Bumper Car Prices

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inflatable bumper cars for sale
NBC-6 New Inflatable Bumper Car

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New Bumper Car Amusement Rides in Beston

Bumper cars are popular fairground rides among kids and adults worldwide for a long time. With development of technology as well as the needs of riders, bumper cars have evolved in materials, power systems, designs and many other aspects. Here are some new dodgem bumper cars in Beston.

  • Bumper car bodies: according to the materials of bumper car bodies, there are inflatable bumper cars and fiberglass new bumper cars available in Beston group. While fiberglass bumper cars are strong enough to bumper into, inflatable bumper cars are not as heavy as those fiberglass bumper cars. So inflatable bumper cars are easy to transport.
  • Electric bumper cars: bumper cars with grid ceilings are the oldest and most common bumper cars. They need conductive ceilings and floors to power up which give them enormous power. There are also fairground bumper cars with special floors which with laid with conductive stripes. While the bumper cars are large enough to cover at least two strips, these dodgem cars can move around freely. At last, there are battery operated bumper cars as well. In fact, battery powered bumper cars belong to electric bumper cars for they all need electricity to power up. However, battery operated bumper cars are relative new and get more and more popular so that people often refer to them separately.
  • Kids bumper cars and adults bumper cars: according to the sizes, new bumper cars in Beston come with small new bumper cars and large ones. Of course, there are also bumper cars which are suitable both for kids and adults.
bumper cars for sale
NBC-7 Kids New Bumper Car

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dodgem bumper cars for sale
NBC-8 New Dodgem Car

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new bumper cars for sale
NBC-9 New Dashing Car

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New Bumper Cars Cheap in Beston Group

Although there are many different kinds of bumper cars in Beston, all of them are of reasonable prices. One reason is that all these new bumper cars are made and assembled in our own factory so that we can offer you low prices. As both a manufacturer and supplier of bumper cars, Beston sells you the new bumper cars without commissions of third party, which can save you money. And we ensure you that we use quality materials to build our bumper cars with great care. And we will never compromise quality for cheap prices. The other reason and important one is that Beston believes that quality bumper cars can bring benefits to both our customers and ourselves. And our mission is to offer quality amusement rides to customers all over the world so that many more people can enjoy safe and fun fairground rides.

    If you have any question about our products and services, please feel free to contact us by filling the forms below. We will contact you in 24 hours!