Kids Bumper Cars for Sale

Popular kids bumper cars for sale cheap in Beston group. Bumper cars are great amusement rides that can entertain both kids and adults alike. While some bumper cars are suitable for people almost of all ages, it is necessary to bring about specific bumper cars for kids. As a result, for the safety of small children, Beston small bumper cars are specially made for them. Compared to large bumper cars for adults and teenagers, kids bumper cars often come with small sizes with moderate speed. Of course, to attract children’s attention, kids bumper cars are often bright in colors and novel in designs and themes. Along with other features, such as brilliant lights, music players, mini bumper cars in Beston are very popular among young children. Kids bumper cars in your venues will definitely draw great many kids and parents, which will in return bring huge financial benefits to you.

kids bumper cars for sale
KBC-7 Kids Dodgem Car

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fairground bumper cars for sale
KBC-8 Mini Dashing Car

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kids inflatable bumper cars for sale
KBC-9 Kids Bumper Car Cheap

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Beston Kids Bumper Cars Manufacturer and Supplier

Beston group is a professional manufacturer and supplier of fairground bumper cars in China. Bumper cars turn to be classic amusement rides that enjoy great popularity among people of all ages worldwide. In light of this high popularity, Beston group designs and produces a large variety of dodgem bumper cars in different sizes, materials, themes, colors, and so on. In fact, all of the bumper cars in Beston can be designed according to your needs in all aspects so as to suit your specific requirements. Your imagination and needs are our targets to meet. As leading manufacturer and supplier of bumper cars, Beston design these dodgem cars in scientific ways so that riders can have comfort and safe riding experiences. Of course, bumper cars in Beston are all made of high quality materials to further ensure that riders can have safe ride. While for you, Beston bumper cars can generate long-term revenues for you.

Quality Small Bumper Cars Cheap in Beston

As mentioned above, kids bumper cars in Beston group are very attractive in appearances, which can attract kids like great magnets. Of course, except for the appearances, Beston kids bumper cars also come with great quality. For the sake of safety, kids bumper cars are often powered by batteries instead of grid ceilings or conductive floor. So when it comes to quality materials of small bumper cars in Beston, there are quality batteries of great capacity, which can operate more than 8 hours at a time. In addition, there are thick fiberglass reinforced plastics, which are safe to kids as well as environment. And when kids bumper each other, the materials can cushion down the forces so that kids can be safe as well as have fun. Quality is always the first concern for customers to buy our kids bumper cars, while price is another important factor when you decide whether to buy our bumper cars or not. Beston group never compromises quality for prices. However, we do offer you reasonable prices, for we make and assemble all of these kids bumper cars in our own factory. What’s more, it is our mission to provide quality amusement park rides to customers all over the world with low prices so that many people can enjoy their theme park rides.

Special Features of Beston Kids Bumper Cars

  1. Attractive appearances. To draw great attention of kids, Beston bumper cars for kids are often of bright colors, novel designs. And more often than not, these kids bumper cars often feature children favorite cartoon characters or animals. And the themes are limitless.
  2. Quality materials. Kids bumper cars in Beston are of high quality materials, such as qualified batteries, thick fiberglass reinforced plastics, and so on. Besides, these small bumper cars are also equipped with safety belts to ensure the safety of kids.
  3. Cheap prices. Kids bumper cars often come with small sizes, so they are cheaper than large ones for adults. In addition, Beston kids bumper cars are manufactured in our own factory which will further ensure low prices for you.
  4. Great convenience. Due to the small sizes as well as battery operated, kids bumper cars in Beston are easy to transport so that you can carry them around to attend various activities and event to entertain your young guests.


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