How Do Bumper Cars Work?

Bumper cars are wonderful amusement rides that bring fun to people of all ages for generations. Although there are plenty other fun things to do in amusement parks, riding bumper cars is still one of the most sought games of kids as well as adults. While there is no doubt that people know it is fun to ride, few people know exactly how bumper cars work. In this article, few important points will be illustrated.

How Bumper Car Works
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The Physics of Bumper Cars

No matter what kind of bumper cars they are, the basic working principles are the same. In exact, it is Newton’s third law of motion that comes into play. According to this law, known as the law of interaction, every force is expected to meet with an equal counterpart forces with opposite direction. So when your bumper car is hit by another one, you can feel a sense of jolting. Of course, to cushion down the impact, each bumper car has a large rubber bumper around it. As for the impact on riders, Newton’s first law and second law come into effect. Specifically, Newton’s first law, the law of inertia, states that when an object is on the move, if it is stopped from outside forces, the object is still move forward as a result of inner motion. This explains why it is important to buckle yourself up when you ride bumper car. Otherwise, riders will be thrown forward once their bumper cars are hit by another cars. For the second law, the law of acceleration, it states that the forces applied on one object is relative to the masses of object. In other words, the heavier you are, the more forces you will feel.

how do bumper cars work
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how do bumper cars work
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Exactly How Do Bumper Cars Work

As mentioned in other articles on this website, there are several different kinds of bumper cars according to their power systems. There are electric powered bumper cars with special ceiling and floor or just conductive floor. There are battery operated bumper cars as well as gas powered bumper cars.

For bumper cars powered electricity through ceiling and floor, the electricity actually forms a circuit by connecting the floor and the ceiling. For the ceiling, there is a mental mesh embedded which is the positive polarity. While the floor serves as a negative polarity with metal strips. On each bumper car, there is a rod attached at the back of the bumper car, connecting the floor and the ceiling.

As for the bumper cars with just conductive floors, they work in similar way like the above ones. The difference is that the two polarities can be formed just through the floors, for there are a series of strips on the conductive floors, and the bumper cars are large enough to cover at least two of the strips to form a full circuit.

Battery operated bumper cars work in a simple way, for they do not need special ceilings or floors. And their batteries can be charged and recharged easily. With full-charged batteries, these bumper cars can move around freely on almost any smooth surfaces. When it comes to gas powered bumper cars, there is actually engine on each bumper car, which is powered by gas to move around.

Bumper Cars Manufacturer Beston Group

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