Gas Powered Bumper Cars for Sale

Gas powered bumper cars for sale in Beston group. It is well known that bumper cars can be powered by three systems: one kind is electric powered dodgem bumper cars with electric ceilings and floors, another is battery operated dodgems, and the third is these gas powered ones. Compared to other two kinds, gas powered bumper cars have their advantages. For example, these gas powered bumper cars do not need special ceilings, floors, and there is no need to charge or recharge batteries. All you need to do is fill the gas engines before every operation. Of course, you can always prepare extra fuel for use. Besides, these gas powered bumper cars are extremely convenient, safe and thrill to drive around for riders.

gas powered bumper cars for sale
GBC-1 Gas Powered Bumper Car

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bumper cars for sale
GBC-2 Gas Powered Dodgem Car

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Gas Powered Bumper Cars Supplier

With rich experience, advanced technologies, Beston group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of bumper cars in China. We design and manufacture great many kinds of bumper cars in different materials, sizes, colors, themes, and so on. Of course, we offer bumper cars with different power systems, such as ones with grid ceiling and floor, ones with conductive floors, battery powered ones and gas powered ones as well. In fact, all the dodgem bumper cars in Beston can be customized to suit your needs. And we can ensure you that all bumper cars in Beston, no matter which kind you choose, are made of high quality materials and with reasonable prices. So if you want to add bumper cars to your existing amusement businesses, or to start your own bumper car businesses, you can always turn to Beston group for help.

Kinds of Gas Powered Bumper Cars in Beston

As mentioned above, all the bumper cars in Beston can be specially designed to meet your needs. In exact, there are few classifications when it comes to gas powered bumper cars. Firstly, according to the materials of car bodies, there are inflatable gas powered bumper cars and fiberglass ones. Secondly, as for different guests, there are small gas powered bumper cars for kids as well as large ones for adults. Thirdly, as for venues, there are gas bumper cars for indoors as well as outdoors. In all, you have great many choices to fit in your businesses.

Features of Gas Powered Bumper Cars in Beston

  1. Hydraulic drive. These gas powered bumper cars are driven by hydraulic, which make these cars durable.
  2. Quality materials. Gas powered bumper cars are made of top quality materials, such as qualified engines, tubes or fiberglass.
  3. Replaceable parts. The paints and the tubes of these gas powered bumper cars can be replaced as you will.
  4. Easy to operate. These gas powered bumper cars are as easy to operate as bumper cars with other power systems.


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