Flip Bumper Cars for Sale

New flip bumper cars for sale in Beston group. Compared with other normal bumper cars, flip bumper cars are special in designs and are becoming more and more popular among young people. While work like other bumper cars, flip zone bumper cars have two distinct features. One is that they can spin riders around like the spin zone bumper cars. And second is that these flip zone bumper cars make riders flip upside down on their seats. Of course, only when their bumper cars are hit on certain points, can the riders find themselves spin and flip upside down. Sounds interesting? Definitely! With these extra features, riders can bump, spin and flip together with their friends. Same bumper cars but with more fun. Where to buy flip zone bumper cars? Contact Beston group.

flip bumper cars for sale
LBC-1 Flip Bumper Car

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LBC-2 Bumper Car Cheap

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LBC-3 Dashing Bumper Car

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Bumper Cars Manufacturer Beston

Beston group designs and makes a large variety of bumper cars with various themes, colors, sizes, designs and so on. With rich experience and advanced technology, Beston produces novel and quality bumper cars to suit customers’ needs. Since bumper car is a classic amusement ride with constant changes, Beston dedicates to providing quality and novel bumper cars to customers all over the world. As a result, Beston has exported many kinds of bumper cars to customers in many countries and areas. As for flip zone bumper cars, they are novel in designs and is getting more and more popular among our customers.

bumper cars manufacturer Beston group
LBC-4 Kids Bumper Car

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dashing bumper cars for sale
LBC-5 Dodgem Bumper Car

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LBC-6 Fairground Bumper Car

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Special Features of Flip Zone Bumper Cars in Beston

In fact, in terms of look, the flip zone bumper cars seem like the combination of human gyroscope and bumper cars. For the base, it is a circular bumper car base with rubber like it of normal bumper car. You can bump each other. What’s more, the bumper car base can spin around freely. As for the seat of flip zone bumper car, it is special in that rider can sit on an elevated seat with shoulder harness. And around the seat, there are steel poles which form like the rings of a human gyroscope ride so that rider can flip around and upside down. And then we come to the question that when these flip zone bumper cars spin and flip. Actually, there are about four special targets on each bumper car base, and once these special targets are hit, the bumper car will spin and flip the seat as well. Of course, for people who prefer not to risk themselves, there is special button so that their bumper cars will not perform flip motion.


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