Dodgem Cars for Sale

Popular dodgem cars for sale cheap in Beston group. Dodgem cars are also known as bumper cars, dashing cars and so on. Dodgem cars are very popular amusement rides among kids and adults all over the world. As a result, you can find many different kinds of bumper cars in theme and amusement parks, fairgrounds, carnivals, family entertainment centers and so on. So if you want to add more attractions to your exciting amusement businesses or start your own amusement rides businesses, you should add dodgem cars, especially new bumper cars with special designs. Find what you want here in Beston group.

dodgem cars for sale
BGC-1 Dodgem Cars Cheap

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dodgem cars for sale cheap
BGC-2 Small Dodgem Car

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BGC-3 Dodgem Car Prices

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Dodgem Cars Manufacturer and Supplier

Beston group is a top manufacturer and supplier of bumper cars in China, providing a wide variety of fairground bumper cars. With rich experience and advanced technology, Beston bumper cars are of novel designs and are made with great care. So, dodgem cars in Beston are of high quality with quality materials. Besides, all bumper cars in Beston are of reasonable prices for these dodgem cars are all made and assembled in our factory. Due to the high quality as well as low prices, dodgem cars in Beston have been exported to customers in many different countries and regions. And according to the feedback, Beston dodgem cars are proven to be great investment. Some customers choose to reorder dodgem cars and other theme park rides from us.

Different Kinds of Dodgem Cars in Beston

There are many different kinds of dodgem cars available in Beston group. According to the power system, there are electric dodgem cars, such as dodgem cars with electric ceiling and floor, and ones with electric floors. Besides, there are battery operated dodgem cars, which can move on different surfaces. At last, there are gas power dodgem cars as well. In addition to different power systems, there are other criteria to classify bumper cars. For example, there are different sizes of dodgem cars, that is, there are small dodgem cars for kids and large dodgem cars for adults. What’s more, there are other special dodgem cars, such as spin zone bumper cars, remote control dodgem cars and other dodgem cars. Finally, there are also indoor and outdoor dodgem cars, inflatable and fiberglass dodgem cars, and so on.

Special Features of Dodgem Cars in Beston

  1. Great investments. Proven to be great investment from feedback of our customers from many countries and regions.
  2. Highly responsive control systems for riders. This means Beston bumper cars are easy to control for riders and provide more fun for riders of all ages.
  3. Safety. There is seat belt on each dodgem car in Beston. And they are fitted loosely to protect rider’s body. Besides, there are positions for rider to put their legs and feet in a comfort way.
  4. Quality dodgem cars in Beston. All dodgem cars in Beston are made of high quality materials with great care so that they can generate long term revenues for you.
  5. Reasonable prices. All of the dodgem cars are made and assembled in our own factory so that we can offer you competitive prices.
  6. Great customer support. Beston group is a professional manufacturer and supplier of dodgem cars in China. And we will provide you with all-around services to help you get the deal done in a smooth way.


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