Dodgem Bumper Car Parts for Sale

Various dodgem bumper car parts for sale in Beston group. It is well known that dodgem bumper cars are favorite amusement rides for kids as well as adults around the world. And due to high technology and quality materials, dodgem cars in Beston come with many different kinds with various colors, sizes, themes and so on. Simple as they seem to be, bumper cars are complex with multiple parts. And each part plays significant role in the smooth operation of these wonderful theme park rides. In Beston group, you can find whatever parts of bumper cars, ranging from bumpers to steering wheels, and so on.

dodgem bumper car parts for sale
BCP-1 Bumper Car Parts

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battery powered bumper cars for sale
BCP-2 Battery Bumper Car

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electric bumper cars for sale cheap in Beston
BCP-3 Electric Bumper Car

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Bumper Car Parts Supplier Beston

Beston group is actually a professional manufacturer and supplier of bumper cars in central China. With rich experience, great work force and advanced technology, Beston bumper cars are perfect for customers, no matter what are their specific needs. In other words, all of the bumper cars in Beston can be customized in terms of colors, sizes, themes, styles, materials and so on. And Beston dodgem bumper cars have been exported to customers all over the world and have won their recognition as well. Except offering whole bumper cars, Beston also offers various bumper car parts for customers all over the world. Of course, these dodgem bumper cars are made with customization too. To be exact, your needs are our goals to meet.

dodgem bumper car parts for sale
BCP-4 Bumper Car Bodies

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inflatable bumper cars for sale
BCP-5 Inflatable Bumper Car

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bumper car supplier Beston
BCP-6 Customized Bumper Car

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Bumper Car Parts Sales in Beston

  • Bumper for bumper cars. Rubber bumper is crucial part of bumper car, for it can cushion down forces when two bumper cars collide.
  • Bumper car bodies. Bumper cars are different mainly in bumper car bodies, and they can be very colorful and be designed with novel styles as well.
  • Bumper car engines. For motorized bumper cars, such as gas powered dodgem cars, quality bumper car engines are needed for bumper cars to run for long time.
  • Bumper car battery. As for battery operated bumper cars, battery is lifeline. Quality batteries can allow bumper cars run for long time without interrupting your businesses.
  • Conductive floors for bumper cars. As we know, there are some bumper cars need special conductive floors to run on. Actually, these bumper cars are powered the electricity flow offered by the conductive floors.
  • Grid ceiling and floors. The most traditional bumper cars are usually powered by special ceilings and floors.
bumper cars prices in Beston
BCP-7 Bumper Car Floor

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electric bumper cars for sale
BCP-8 Bumper Car with Grid

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bumper cars for sale
BCP-9 Bumper Car Cheap

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Special Features of Dodgem Bumper Cars Parts in Beston

  1. Great variety. As mentioned above, there are many different parts of bumper cars in Beston. And all of them are easy to replace.
  2. High quality. All of these dodgem bumper car parts are made of top quality so as you can have quality bumper cars.
  3. Reasonable prices. We will never compromise quality of bumper car parts for cheap prices. Instead, we offer you quality bumper cars parts with reasonable prices so your bumper cars can last long time for your benefits.
  4. Great customer support. Beston group will offer all-around services for you so your order from us can be smooth and quick.

    If you have any question about our products and services, please feel free to contact us by filling the forms below. We will contact you in 24 hours!