Dashing Bumper Cars for Sale

Cheap dashing bumper cars for sale in Beston. Dashing bumper cars are also known as dashing cars, bumping cars or dodging cars. Dashing cars are very welcomed by people almost of all ages, and you can find these wonderful bumper car rides in amusement and theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, family entertainment centers all around the world. So you can never go wrong with dashing cars in your amusement rides businesses. As for reliable dashing bumper cars manufacturer, you can always turn to Beston group, who provides quality, customized dashing bumper cars with low prices.

dashing bumper cars for sale
BDC-1 Dashing Bumper Car

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dashing bumper cars for sale
BDC-2 Battery Dashing Car

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dashing bumper cars for sale
BDC-3 Electric Dashing Car

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Dashing Bumper Cars Manufacturer Beston

Beston group is a top manufacturer and supplier of dashing bumper cars in China. With rich experiences, advanced technologies, dedicated workers, Beston designs and produces a wide range of bumper cars for customers all over the world. In fact, to suit customers’ different needs, all dashing bumper cars in Beston can be customized in terms of colors, sizes, themes and so on. Your needs are our goals to meet. As a professional bumper cars manufacturer, Beston places great emphasis on the quality of our dashing bumper cars for the interests of customers as well as ourselves.

dashing cars for sale
BDC-4 New Dashing Car

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bumper cars cheap in Beston
BDC-6 Quality Bumper Car

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Kinds of Dashing Cars in Beston

As mentioned above, the dashing bumper cars in Beston can be customized in many different aspects, such as materials, sizes, themes, colors and so on. As a result, there can be many different kinds of dashing bumper cars available in Beston group. According to the materials of dashing bumper car bodies, there are inflatable bumper cars and fiberglass bumper cars. In terms of sizes, there are small dashing cars for kids and large ones for adults. In addition, according to the power, there are electric dashing car, battery operated bumper cars and gas powered dashing cars. And the electric bumper cars can also be divided into dashing cars with electric ceilings and floors, and ones with electric floors only.

  • Kids dashing cars: to attract children’s attention, these small dashing cars are often decorated with colorful children favorite characters, etc. In addition, these mini dashing cars are often powered by batteries for the safety of kids.
  • Adult dashing cars: dashing cars for adults are more thrill with more power.
bumper cars for sale
BDC-8 Bumper Car Price

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fiberglass bumper cars for sale
BDC-9 Fiberglass Bumper Car

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Dashing Car Price in Beston

Since there are so many kinds of bumper cars available in Beston group, the prices of dashing cars in Beston vary from one another. However, one certain thing is that all the dashing bumper cars in Beston are of reasonable prices for they are all made and assembled in our own factory. Another reason why the bumper cars are cheap is that Beston commits to offering quality dashing bumper cars with reasonable prices for customers. It is not in the interests of customers but also ourselves too.

Features of Beston Dashing Cars

  1. High quality. Beston dashing bumper cars are made of high quality materials, such as thick fiberglass, inflatables, bumpers, and so on.
  2. Safety. Except for high quality, Beston dashing bumper cars are made with great care so that every part of them can be perfect and safe for riders of all ages.
  3. Customized dashing cars. All of the dashing bumper cars in Beston can be customized in colors, sizes, themes, and so on to meet your needs.
  4. Great customer support. Beston is a professional bumper car manufacturer and supplier and we can offer you all-around services for you so that the transactions can be as smooth as possible.


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