Bumper Cars on Ice for Sale

Quality bumper cars on ice for sale cheap in Beston. Bumper cars are so popular among people of all ages around the world. And the love of bumper cars are so strong that people want to ride dodgem bumper cars all year round, even on ice. In fact, riding bumper cars on ice bring much more fun for the slippery ice. In winter, due to the cold weather, people often find little recreations. However, riding bumper cars on ice is a wonderful experience that people almost of all ages want to enjoy. So if you want to start your own bumper car businesses in winter on ice, you can always reach out Beston group for help.


bumper cars on ice for sale
IBC-1 Ice Bumper Car

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Bumper Cars Manufacturer and Supplier Beston

Beston group is professional manufacturer and supplier of bumper car rides in China. We have experienced working team, advanced technologies and rich experience in amusement rides industry. In fact, we can customize various kinds of fairground bumper cars to suit your needs in terms of colors, sizes, themes, sizes, materials and so on. All kinds of bumper cars are made of high quality materials with required qualifications. What’s more,  Beston bumper cars are of cheap prices, for they are all built and assembled in our own factory. We are committed to providing high quality bumper cars with low prices for our customers. As a consequences, bumper cars in Beston have been exported to many customers in different part of the world. And Beston dodgem bumper cars have won the highly appraisal as well as recognition of our customers.

Bumper Cars on Ice in Beston

According to the materials, bumper cars on ice in Beston have two kinds. One is inflatable ones and the other is fiberglass ones. In fact, many of the ice bumper cars in Beston are the inflatable bumper cars. While several kinds of them are of fiberglass, and one main kind is a kiddie bumper cars which can run on ice. Except for the materials, these bumper cars on ice also come with different colors, themes, sizes, styles and so on. Your needs are our goals to reach. Compared to regular bumper cars, bumper cars on ice often have specialized wheels. In other words, the inflatable bumper cars on ice are often installed with small wheels under their bodies so that they can move around freely. As for the power system, the inflatable bumper cars on ice are often powered by batteries as well as the few fiberglass ones.

Fun of Bumper Cars on Ice in Beston

Cold as it may be, riding bumper cars on ice, either indoors or outdoors, can bring great fun for you. While you can do all the usual bumping with your friends, riding bumper cars on ice add another layer of fun. For the slippery ice give people more surprises. For example, you may find yourself slip far away when your bumper car is hit. You may spinning round and round on the ice surface. Of course, whatever surprise maybe, you will find yourself attached to your bumper car seats safely.

Special Features of Bumper Cars on Ice in Beston

  1. High quality. All of the bumper cars on ice in Beston are made of high quality materials to ensure the safety of riders as well as make them last long time.
  2. Great fun. As stated above, bumper cars on ice can be very fun in winter time.


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