Bumper Car Bodies for Sale

Various bumper car bodies for sale in Beston group. Bumper cars are extraordinary amusement park rides that enjoy long time popularity among people of all ages. Due to the development of technology, bumper cars in Beston are made of various quality materials with advanced technology. As a result, there are literally limitless types of fairground bumper cars in Beston with different styles, themes, materials, power systems and so. And there is no exception for the bumper car bodies, there are also many different kinds for you to choose. To find out more details about bumper car bodies, you can always reach out Beston group for professional help.

bumper car bodies for sale
BCB-1 Bumper Car Bodies

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BCB-2 Dodgem Car Cheap

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BCB-3 Inflatable Bumper Car

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Bumper Car Bodies Supplier Beston Group

Beston group is a top manufacturer and supplier of bumper cars in China. And we have exported a great many dodgem bumper cars to customers all over the world in the past few years. In light of the versatile choices as well as high quality, Beston bumper cars are highly praised by our customers worldwide. And most of them have gain great investment returns from bumper cars in Beston. Of course, except offering whole pack of bumper cars, we still provide various bumper car bodies for you. For some of yours may be damaged due to long time operation outdoors, or you just have to change the bodies of your bumper cars to attract more guests to your revenues. Whatever the reason, Beston sets mind to offering you’re the quality bumper bodies for you.

bumper car cheap in Beston
BCB-4 Bumper Car Parts

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dodgem bumper cars for sale
BCB-5 New Dodgem Bumper Car

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BCB-6 Inflatable Bumper Car

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Kinds of Bumper Car Bodies in Beston

There are many different kinds of bumper car bodies available in Beston. According to the materials, there are fiberglass bumper car bodies as well as inflatable bumper car bodies. As for the sizes, there are small bumper car bodies for mini bumper cars and large ones for adult bumper cars. Of course, except all these, Beston bumper car bodies also come with different colors, themes, styles and so. In fact, bumper car bodies in Beston can be customized to meet your needs. Since there are all bumper car bodies can have various colors, sizes, themes, etc.in general, bumper car bodies can mainly classified as two kinds. One is the fiberglass one while the other is inflatable one. Fiberglass bumper car bodies are durable and can resist exposing of sun. What’s more, colors on fiberglass are vibrant. For inflatable bumper car bodies, they can ease down the forces when collisions happen. And they are easy to store up for the airs can be blown out.

fiberglass bumper cars for sale
BCB-8 Fiberglass Bumper Car

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electric bumper cars for sale
BCB-9 Electric Bumper Car

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Special Features of Beston Bumper Car Bodies

  1. Easy to install. Whatever bumper car bodies you choose, they can be replaced easily, for they are all made according to strict standards with great care.
  2. High quality. Whether fiberglass ones or inflatable ones, bumper car bodies in Beston are made of top quality materials as to last long time and bring long term revenues for you.
  3. Customized products. Bumper car bodies in Beston can be customized in colors, sizes, themes, sizes and so on to suit your needs.
  4. Reliable manufacturer. Beston group is a professional manufacturer and supplier of amusement bumper cars with rich experience and great work force.
  5. Great customer support. Beston offers you all-around services so that you can have smooth transactions.

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